Business Process Technology Transformation
Your IT should improve your business results.

Creating efficient business operations can deliver competitive and operational advantages for many companies.  Many organizations find they can transform business processes by removing unnecessary activities or tasks, optimizing tasks, automating processes, and ensuring that all necessary data is collected and maintained.

Know where and when to effectively use and take advantage of technology is a long and difficult process.  There is not just one path or even a “right” course. Having a proven methodology and assessment process could save an organizations many months of effort not to mention the monies that can be saved.

IT has been driving force behind business process transformation for nearly 30 years. The evolution of technology is moving at a pace that continues to accelerate. Understanding where and how to employ new technologies such as social media, cloud computing or the role that mobile devices have on your architecture can be daunting task.  Each vendor has a different perspective as to their value or course of implementation.  Integratek can lead you through that maze.  Integratek maintains a proprietary Business Process Technology Transformation Implementation Approach (BPTTIA).

What can you expect by leveraging our approach:
  • Reduced costs (both in time and process) 

  • Improved technology and business platforms

  • Aligned processes

  • Improved ability to react to change

  • Enhanced understanding of how your environment is affected by outside change